Where did Spiraltrader come from?

Spiraltrader is a creation by me, Eric, a software programmer from Houston, TX USA. In 2002, I was writing a little program for drawing fibonacci spirals on stock charts and stumbled on to an similar algorithm which uncovered patterns that show support/resistance with amazing accuracy. After testing this for a couple of years I have narrowed down the best way to use these patterns, which you will see in the strategies I've created. 

Why use spirals? There are plenty of other technical tools out there.

True there are plenty of tools out there, you should try as much of them as you can. Eventually you'll realize that you simply can't predict the market consistently.  The reason why spiraltrader works is because of the reverse psychology I use in the strategies.  Here is the rational, 

  • If trading is random there would be absolutely no patterns in the charts which could be usable in anyway.
  • The fact that spiraltrader spirals show support/resistance in the data told me something else besides supply/demand is going on.
  • So instead of trying to predict the market, spiraltrader strategies react to the patterns that have already occurred due to some unknown phenomena (???).

My strategies help you understand what the lowest risk situation is for buying or shorting stocks. You can find hundreds of charts on this website from my analysis of stocks, indexes, commodities, bonds, and the US dollar. I have also programmed a trading simulator which helps re-live 2005 for many indexes and stocks and see all of the patterns which formed on the charts. 

Spiraltrader is no longer free?

Spiraltrader started out as a research project which was pretty successful. I had kept it free because there is no overhead costs to maintain. Unfortunately, time has become limited for me to support a free product, so to limit the usage to serious traders, I have decided to charge a license fee.

Can your spirals be used on any market?

Again, it was amazing for me to see that my spirals work on any exchange, any country for stocks and especially well for commodities and forex. (I have even analyzed daily charts for the dow from over 50 years ago and it works on them too!) 

Where can I find more information on Spirals?

You can find out information on fibonacci spirals, but not my spirals, or my strategies, these are all home grown. 

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